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Honest Math Chat

Jul 31, 2023

What is Math? You might be wondering why I would ask such a simple question. But have you ever really thought about the answer to that question, "What IS math?" 

On today's episode we're breaking down what is math and what makes a mathematician. 

Today we'll chat about: 

  • our definition of math and mathematicians 

Jul 24, 2023

Ever wondered whta really matters for your math lesson plans? Today we will re-consider 3 things we might be missing as we lesson plan. 

Today we'll chat about: 

  • the 3 things to re-consider when planning for math 

  • long term plans and daily lesson planning 

  • how to understand th emath better so you can support each...

Jul 19, 2023

High Expectations for all students starts with us, teacher friend. This episode is one of my core beliefs and I'm keeping it honest with you today. 

Mini chat all about: 

  • What is means to have high expectations
  • What NOT to do in math class 
  • How we can foster high expectations in math class

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Jul 17, 2023

Does your math community supports courageous mathematicians? Today we will cover just what it means to have that a math community supports mathematicians. You'll get 3 startegies to use this school year to create community supports inside your classroom! 

Today we'll chat about: 

  • 3 ways a math community can support...

Jul 10, 2023

Math is uninspiring. Math is something you've either found false confidence in or struggled and avoided. On today's show we will talk about what math is today and how we can make sure math is inspiring to our students in today's classrooms. 

Today we'll chat about: 

  • 3 things that make math uninspiring

  • your experience...