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Honest Math Chat

Nov 8, 2021

These 4 simple steps helped me turn my math classroom from a place that was centered on my voice, to one that focused on my students. These simple steps will help you transform your teaching in math. I promise they are simple. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • About my comparison between the culture of literacy and the culture of math in our classrooms 
  • 3 ways we can build a math community mirrored after that of our literacy community. 
    • Make your math classroom accessible
    • Create a magical palace where students can do real math
    • Get to know your mathematicians deeply

πŸšƒ Fun fact!! I live in Chicago, right next to the train. You'll hear it a few times in the recording πŸš‚

Links Mentioned in the Episode: 

🀍  Problem of the Day (Open Tasks for your grade level)

🀍 Math Warm Ups- Which One Doesn't Belong

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