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Honest Math Chat

Dec 27, 2021

Upper grade teachers, this one's for you! (Don’t worry K-3 friends, there’s tons in this episode for you, too) Juliana is a wealth of knowledge on creating inclusive classrooms in middle school and high school classrooms. She supports teachers that teach students that struggle– and dang isn’t that all of us? I can't wait for you to hear her perspectives! 
In this episode we will chat about… 

  • Chat about how Juliana addresses inclusive math class
  • Intervention curriculum and what really works
  • How math classroom community is everything

🖤Special thanks to Juilana for being my first interview in this new podcast venture. Your support means everything, friend. 

🚃 Fun fact!! I live in Chicago, right next to the train. You'll hear it a few times in the recording 🚂

Links Mentioned in the Episode: 

🤍 Juliana’s free guide→ Math Instructional Strategies for Students that Struggle

🤍 Juliana’s PD Options! 

🤍 Find Juliana on IG @collaborate.with.juliana

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